The Lion King performs on February 16 and 17 at 7 pm
$10 for adults
$5 for teachers/students
Free for children under 6
The Lion King Cast List
Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Ms. McNeill and I look forward to working with you.
Rafiki: Hannah Carr
Zazu: Molly Stracener
Young Simba: Dakota Byrnes
Scar: Kevin Morales
Young Nala: Maddey Brawner
Banzai: Jade Crawford
Shenzi: Mckenna Edgar
Ed: Brooke Valles
Mufasa: Sophia Miller
Nala: Claire Shupp
Simba: Hunter Domzalski
Sarabi: Kaitlyn Ostermann
Timon: Maddi Howell
Pumbaa: Audrey Smith
Sarafina: Madison White
Lionesses/Animals/Hyenas: Brooke Bohanon, Madelyn Figueroa, Shelbee Fraze, Lauren Lewis, Jocelyn Olmos, Angelina Pizzini, Julia Rawlings, Breeze Rieman, Cayla Rodriguez, Kaylea Shelbourne, Brooklyn Sisk, Morgan Strange, Kit Wilson
Mrs. Berthold's Class Schedule
1st Period: 8th Grade Year Long (8:40-9:25)
2nd Period: 7th Grade Year Long (9:29-10:14)
3rd Period: 7th Grade Semester (10:18-11:03)
4th Period: Conference (11:07-11:52)
5th Period: 6th Grade Year Long (11:56-12:41)
C Lunch (12:45-1:15)
6th Period: Advanced Theatre (1:19-2:12)
7th Period: 6th Grade Semester (2:16-3:01)
8th Period: 6th Grade Year Long (3:05-3:45)
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1st period: @berthold1p
2nd period: @berthold2p
3rd period: @berthold3p
5th period: @berthold5p
6th period: @berthold6p
7th period: @berthold7p
8th period: @berthold8p
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