Haltom Middle School Choir

  • Welcome to Haltom Middle School Choir!

    Head Choir Director, Kristian Harvison

    Assistant Choir Director, Jordan Ricks

    Contact Information

    E-mail: kristian.harvison@birdvilleschools.net


    Phone: (817) 547-4154


    Conference Period: 12:38 PM-1:23 PM (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 12:20 PM-1:02 PM (Tuesday, Thursday)


    Class Schedule
    1st Period: 6th Grade Boys  8:40 AM-9:30 AM
    2nd Period: 7th and 8th Grade Advanced Girls 9:34 AM-10:19 AM
    3rd Period: 7th and 8th Grade Select Boys 10:23 AM-11:11 AM
    4th Period: 7th and 8th Grade Select Girls 11:15 AM-12:00 PM
    5th Period: Conference
    6th Period:  6th Grade Girls 1:27 PM-2:12 PM
    7th Period: 7th and 8th Grade Advanced Boys 2:16 PM-3:01 PM
    8th Period: 6th Grade Girls 3:05 PM-3:50 PM
    Advisory Schedule
    1st Period 8:40-9:24

    2nd Period 9:28-10:10

    3rd Period 10:14-10:56

    4th Period 11:00-11:42

    Lunch 11:46-12:16

    5th Period 12:20-1:02

    6th Period 1:06-1:48

    7th Period 1:52-2:34

     Advisory 2:38-3:03

    8th Period 3:07-3:50