Celina Burris, USPTA 
SMS/ RMS/ BHS Tennis  
         2016-17 Middle School
Smithfield Middle is proud to help introduce young players to the great game of tennis! With the guidance of Birdville High School head coach Celina Burris and assistant coach Mike Teague, middle school students are encouraged to begin the preparation to play tennis at the high school varsity and junior varsity levels.  They can start by playing USTA or Mid-cities tournaments.  These are located on the tennis website listed below. This is a very competitive sport so Students NEED to be playing outside of school!!
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HOCO parade float information for middle school- kids need to make signs to bring to the float.  They will be walking along side the trailer.  You can pass out candy from a bowl, but you cannot throw anything! Wear your Tennis shirts!  Be at Legacy church Monday the 24th at 5:00PM
 Parents the top 8 have a match so I will not be there.  Make sure you collect your kids after the parade or pep rally!






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